Habits & Behaviors Chart

What is a habit? A habit is an action that repeats itself with no (or minimal) conscious planning. The action becomes a habit when the situation is conducive to such behavior and it fulfills a personal goal or need.

An individual’s habits are the best way to predict their behavior. Habits have recurrence patterns that are reliably predictable with a high degree of accuracy.

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Shadowmatch accurately measures the intensity of 19 unique habits in an individual. The intensity is an indication and predictor of the individual’s behavior … 

  • Radical Habits – Nearly always behaves this way
  • Strong Habits – Strongly prefers to behave this way
  • Contextual Habits – Can choose easily to behave this way
  • Necessary Behavior – Will behave this way only if necessary
  • Planned Behavior – Needs effort and planning to behave this way

By accurately determining the preference of employee habits and behaviors, Shadowmatch tells us how individuals and teams will interact, which habits are critical to success in given roles, how employees should be developed to improve performance, and whether candidates will replicate the success of your top performers.

shadowmatch habit and behavior challenge

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