Team Development

Accelerate the performance, stability and harmony of teams.

Teams perform based upon the collective actions and behaviors of the individuals. Understanding  the balance and dynamics of team behaviors determines success.

The Shadowmatch Behavioral Benchmarking System and Services instantly reveal the specific behaviors and habits underlying team interactions, and gives managers and employees the immediate insights they need to dramatically improve productivity and team alignment.

Business leaders & consultants can develop their teams using Shadowmatch in two ways …

  1. Leverage the cost-effective expertise of Shadowmatch USA’s Service Offerings
  2. Become a Certified Shadowmatch facilitator

In each case, Shadowmatch can be applied in a positive manner to many common business opportunities found in teams, from entry level in the organization, up to the C-suite …

  • Team Analysis - Align teams to increase their focus & efficiency and consistently drive better results
  • Team Building Workshop - Bring cohesiveness to the team by interactively working through team behaviors & dynamics
  • Candidate Analysis - Predict which shortlist candidate will be successful by matching/complementing the team or organizational culture
  • Top Performer Analysis - Drive team performance by understanding the behavioral traits of the top/average/low performers
  • New Leader Assimilation - Accelerate team effectiveness when introducing a new organizational leader
  • Team Design - Find the most effective groups within the team to collaborate on customer engagements and internal projects
  • Executive Onboarding - Accelerate team effectiveness when introducing a new member of an executive team

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